Links 2/22/2021

Are Cities Finished? Project Syndicate

The Brain’s ‘Background Noise’ May Be Meaningful After All Wired

What would a truly wild Ireland look like? BBC

When Engineers Were Humanists New York Review of Books

NYC backtracks on de Blasio’s plan to close Trump-owned ice rinks New York Post

Entire California School Board Resigns After Chewing Out Parents on Accidental Zoom Broadcast Gizmodo. Oops!

Boeing Calls for Global Grounding of 777s Equipped With One Engine Model NYT

A tale of two provinces: how coal mining plowed ahead in the B.C. Rockies while Alberta hit the brakes The Narwhal


The Rural Alaskan Towns Leading the Country in Vaccine Distribution New Yorker

Covid-19: Hong Kong logs 20 new cases and officials hint at possibly reopening border if enough residents get vaccinated South China Morning Post

Five steps the Indian government must take to ensure an effective rollout of Covid-19 vaccines Scroll

A leaked report shows Pfizer’s vaccine is conquering covid-19 in its largest real-world test MIT Technology Review

Travel’s Covid-19 Blues Are Likely Here to Stay—‘People Will Go Out of Business WSJ

To get ahead of variants, Covid-19 drug makers use evolutionary biology as a guide To get ahead of variants, Covid-19 drug makers use evolutionary biology as a guide Stat

US braces for 500K COVID deaths: Somber milestone nears as Fauci says Americans may still need masks into 2022 despite infections falling – as experts say cases could drop so low that vaccine complacency sets in Daily Mail

Dying on the Waitlist ProPublica

Top virologist warns Italy virus cases rising again Medical Xpress

Germany’s COVID infections rise again Deutsche Welle

Schools in England to reopen on March 8 under easing of lockdownFT

White House reiterates teacher vaccinations ‘not a prerequisite’ to reopening schools WaPo

Facebook political ad ban blocks pro-vaccine messages Politico

Texas Deep Freeze

Many Texans have died because of the winter storm. Just how many won’t be known for weeks or months. The Texas Tribune

Ocasio-Cortez fundraising for Texas relief reaches $4.7M The Hill

Texas utilities can’t stick customers with huge bills after storm: Abbott Reuters

Austin Energy says power has been restored to 100 percent of customers Austin American-Statesman

Big Brother IS Watching You Watch

Privacy faces risks in tech-infused post-Covid workplace France 24

Biden Transition

US-China tech war: calls for Biden to fund US semiconductors grow louder in Washington South China Morning Post

Katie Porter — one of Congress’ only single moms — has a plan to help caregivers AlterNet

Accomplice to Carnage Foreign Affairs Robert Malley and Stephen Pomper.

The US Empire Is An Abusive Narcissist: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix Caitlin Johnstone

Biden seems set to pick fight over Rahm Emanuel The Hill

Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland to face challenges that include links to Biden and Trump CNN

Class Warfare

Workers Should Take Back Control of Their Pension Funds Jacobin

Sanders ‘Confident’ $15 Minimum Wage Possible Through Senate Reconciliation Common  Dreams

UK competition watchdog warns Big Tech of coming antitrust probes FT

Silicon Valley is not suffering a tech exodus, and money is flowing in at record rate — for a fortunate few MarketWatch


Brexit red tape ramped up on British sausages destined for Northern Ireland Independent

The New Cold War

EU: Germany urges sanctions against Russia Deutsche Welle


IAEA, Iran agree temporary deal for inspections with less access Al Jazeera

On Not Being a Princess Craig Murray



PM Modi’s plan to make a Singapore in Gujarat has fallen flat The Print

At BJP’s election strategy session, Modi asks party leaders to spread awareness on farm laws Scroll

How India’s Government is Weaponizing Twitter Columbia Journalism Review

Blue sheep, ibex, snow leopards – How this Ladakh village stopped hunting and took to tourism The Print

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