Links 3/28/2021

Investors hunt for source of fire sale that sent stocks tumbling FT

Questions raised over cause of Ever Given grounding Lloyd’s List. Final sentence: “If it does turn out to be the bank effect, questions will need to be answered over how a ship that was under the control of a Suez Canal pilot was allowed to get so close to the shore.” Alternatively:

Suez Canal: Effort to refloat wedged container ship continues BBC. Prematurely triumphal tugboats:

Not enough of you tried hard enough:

The Chinese Logistical Sublime and Its Wasted Remains The Disorder of Things. From 2015, Container ship ethnography. From the following thread recommending reading on logistics:

$100 million geoengineering project proposed, to dim the sun Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Easier to imagine dimming the sun than ending capitalism….


A rare clotting disorder may cloud the world’s hopes for AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine Science

Rising Covid Case Counts in the Young Test U.S. Vaccine Strategy Bloomberg

COVID-19 vaccine response in pregnant and lactating women: a cohort study American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. From the Conclusions: “COVID-19 mRNA vaccines generated robust humoral immunity in pregnant and lactating women, with immunogenicity and reactogenicity similar to that observed in non-pregnant women. Vaccine-induced immune responses were significantly greater than the response to natural infection. Immune transfer to neonates occurred via placenta and breastmilk.” n = 131.

We Ran Tests on Every State’s COVID-19 Vaccine Website The Markup

Franklin Graham Unfazed after Evangelical Base Blasts Him for Encouraging Vaccines The Roys Report

Another thread on getting vaccinated:

This kind of operation, apparently, is something we seem to have the capacity to do, unlike building registration websites that work, for example.

Scientist warns that unfettered international travel could ‘undo vaccine progress’ Canary. No duh. How else do variants cross the oceans?

Universities Are Still Gambling With Students’ Lives Current Affairs

The missing students of the pandemic WaPo

No flu season:


US fears China is flirting with seizing control of Taiwan FT

12 Arrested in Hebei for Fabricating Emission Data Sixth Tone


Myanmar security forces kill over 100 protesters in ‘horrifying’ day of bloodshed Reuters. On Armed Forces Day.

International Chiefs of Defense Condemn Use of Lethal Force in Burma United States Department of Defense. I am sure authoritarians around the world are following the simplicity and directness of the Tatmadaw’s tactics with great interest:

Myanmar’s ethnic rebels isolate junta ahead of Armed Forces Day Nikkei Asian Review. I think “isolate” is a bit strong. Nevertheless, Myanmar Federalism grows out of the barrel of a gun. Given the givens:

But holy moley:

Japan to give people a choice on which vaccine to receive Japan Times

Why QAnon Flopped in Japan NYT. “‘It’s too naïve for our readership,’ Takeharu Mikami, the editor of Mu [Japan’s leading purveyor of shadowy phenomena] since 2005, told the Asahi Shimbun newspaper last month.”


Iran and China sign 25-year cooperation agreement Al Jazeera. The Blob, good job.

“Here it is, the truffle, a blessing from God!” Reuters. Ditto.

US Intelligence Warns Withdrawal Could Lead To Afghanistan Being Controlled By Afghans Caitlin Johnstone. Ditto.

How do we talk about rebel groups? Africa Is a Country


What A Week Craig Murray. His site is back up.

As things stand, the chances of defeating Johnson at the next election are miniscule Mainly Macro

Why some Britons will have to leave EU countries by March 31st The Local

Mexico’s real COVID-19 death toll now stands at over 321,000 AP

As daily deaths near 4,000, worst may lie ahead for Brazil AP

Biden Administration

Biden’s New Foreign Policy Hire Considers Sanctions an Art Form The Nation

Joe Biden Just Fixed Obamacare’s “Subsidy Cliff” The Bulwark

Biden fires majority of DHS advisory council members The Hill

Biden Doesn’t Need to Be FDR or LBJ to Change America Eric Levitz New York Magazine

Postal banking, alcohol delivery could save the U.S. Postal Service, experts say NBC

Democrats en Deshabille

Democrats loved Katie Porter when she bashed Trump. Now she is making them squirm Los Angeles Times

Why Georgia’s New Voting Law Is Such A Big Deal FiveThirtyEight

L’Affaire Joffrey Epstein

Harvard punishes professor who had ties to Jeffrey Epstein AP

P*ssing on Pedestrians London Review of Books. On Robert Maxwell.

Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

The hidden fingerprint inside your photos BBC

Our Famously Free Press

Alternatives to Censorship: Interview With Matt Stoller Matt Taibbi, TK News. Stoller: “The question isn’t whether Alex Jones should have a platform. The question is, should YouTube have recommended Alex Jones 15 billion times through its algorithms so that YouTube could make money selling ads?”

Incoming TNR Editor Lays Out Boring Vision For Magazine In “Depressing” Meeting With Staff Defector

Health Care

Amazon, on the move in health care, is granted authorization for its own Covid-19 test STAT

Democrats Gave Americans a Big Boost Buying Health Insurance. It Didn’t Come Cheap. Kaiser Health News. You can pump more blood into a zombie, but it’s still a zombie.

‘Surprise and shock’: Was a key guideline for screening autism wrong for years? Academic Times. The NICE Clinical Guidelines, from the UK.

Black Injustice Tipping Point

JAMA Editor Placed on Leave After Deputy’s Comments on Racism JAMA

An Antiracist Agenda for Medicine Boston Review

Imperial Collapse Watch

Inspiring! This infantryman traded Marine camouflage for a Papa John’s uniform Duffel Blog

Guillotine Watch

Smuggling, price-gouging, dognapping: True tales from inside the great pandemic puppy boom Fortune

“They Are Three Hours From the City, Not in New Guinea”: A Wave of New Yorkers Displaced by Covid Is Upending the Hamptons Social Order Vanity Fair

A Private Tech City Opens for Business in Honduras MSN (Re Silc). Franchulates?

Class Warfare

Senator Bernie Sanders headlines a pro-union Amazon rally in Bessemer Alabama Public Radio

Amazon Improves Workplace Conditions By Installing Open Waste Grates On Warehouse Floors The Onion

The Battle for Chattanooga: Toxic Masculinity, Ableism, & Anti-Union Campaign at Volkswagen Payday Report

A Rich Man’s War, A Poor Man’s Fight Frank Interviews

New Yorker, Pitchfork and Ars Technica unions authorize strike. NYT

The Lost Omidyar Chapter: Part I Yasha Levine, Immigrants as a Weapon

What Happens When Investment Firms Acquire Trailer Parks The New Yorker

America’s first 3D-printed neighborhood is ‘the future of housing’ The Hill. $595,000 a pop? Really?

The Quest to Tell Science from Pseudoscience Boston Review

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